About us

Ιt’s good to be trusted

Our profile

Dukes & Morrisons is an Advisory firm that provides auditing, accounting and administrative - organizational services credibly and consistently in Greece.

Our firm employs dedicated professionals, shareholders or not, and it provides customized solutions, according to the potentials of the customer, which are based on our auditing and business consulting experience.

Our Values

Working with us will help you focus on the problems and find solutions for your company.

Building relationships of trust.
But what really makes us different is the way that we approach each case. Every single customer, every single financial unit has its own particular needs. In every case, our role is to identify and analyze our customers’ demands and be able to act on a per case basis aiming at the fastest and most comprehensive solution in anything that comes up. So as to be sure, work with us. For us, the customer is not only business. It is commitment.
A relationship that stands the test of time
Our dedicated professionals are fully scientifically qualified and experienced and can meet every challenge as well as the daily requirements of a financial unit. We know how to operate as members of a team and we will certainly become a part of your company team as well. We will become the professionals you can count on. In this way, we are able to build a long-term relationship of trust.