How can we help you?

Taxation services

We count for you, you can count on us.

Our firm has capable professionals with great experience in the field of taxation. We cooperate closely with our clients so that we can guarantee that we provide credible and valid tax advice.

We also acknowledge that taxes are a significant business cost which can be reduced or deferred with the proper planning. We fully understand that each case is unique and that there is never a “one size fits all” solution.

Consulting Services

Make use of our know-how in specialized consultancy.

The legal, legislative and regulatory framework changes and becomes stricter and stricter not only due to the new technologies used in financial transactions, but also due to the rapid technological developments. As a consequence, business entities do not have all the skills and knowledge in order to immediately respond to changes.

We can undertake and deploy consulting projects in a wide range of fields worldwide, including agriculture, agribusiness, industry, provision of services, commerce, navigation, transport and public service.


Training is never enough, that’s our business approach.

Based on their multiannual experience and their excellent training in their knowledge fields, our executives are able to provide excellent training services tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our firm is capable of organizing and implementing the training and updating of the staff in every financial unit tailored to its requirements.